Bar Citizen is the general term for any meetup of Star Citizens, run by the fans, in the Real World.

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Not necessarily in bars (not all citizens drink or are of age or like the atmosphere),
Bar Citizen can be at restaurants, bowling alleys, gaming venues, backyard BBQs, museums, parks, or anywhere.
It’s a way for space fans to meet others and make real world friendships.
Hundreds of events world wide since this site went live in September 2016 and Discord started to be used to bring local citizens together.
Over 60 regional Bar Citizen Discord channels now help bring local citizens together, find yours or we can help you start your own!

A list of Regional Bar Citizen Discord Servers displayed on the map and also here.
Please contact Jorunn or Flisher on the Bar Citizen Coordinators Discord server if any information need to be adjusted.

And here's a link to the fantastic world of Star Citizen.

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