About Us

Bar Citizen is the general term for any meetup of Star Citizens, run by the fans, for the fans.

Since September 2016, BarCitizen.sc has displayed over 500 individual Bar Citizen events throughout the world. With the great support of Cloud Imperium Games (CIG), which promote the events on a weekly basis, Bar Citizens have grown to be the event for Star Citizen fans, by fans.

People from around the world, such as Jorunn (US), Pegasus (France), Ricko (Canada), and Semila (Germany), Flisher (Canada), help maintain and manage the website, all guided by the simple goal: Gather the Citizens around a meal or drink to discuss Star Citizen.

Supported by The Base Network, a registered non-profit organization, BarCitizen.sc freely display the events of Bar Citizen coordinators, while keeping it as simple as possible for the users to find and create their own event near them!

The articles you will find on this site are typically compiled from the lessons learned from a whole variety of Bar Citizen coordinators, some of whom have organized small events or some of the bigger ones (200+ people).

We classify each Bar Citizen as a success, from small to big, as they permit the gathering of space nerds into one location to discuss their passion for Star Citizen and space games in general! Honestly, that’s hard to do… like herding cats… but with more hissing and crying… (true story, may contain peanuts).