So you had your first Bar Citizen and want to grow…

Sometimes you just have to appreciate where you are. You came a long way and you’re still learning and growing. Be grateful for the lessons.


The above quote couldn’t be farther from the truth. We often times hear of people that had a Bar Citizen event and are discouraged to only have 5 or 10 people show up. And this makes us sad. Not because the event was a failure, but because they feel it was.

Folks have to remember that gathering 5 to 10 nerds (usually introverts), into a social environment is one great feat! On top of that, to have them all coordinated to be at the same location, walking through the same door, and drinking / eating at the same table… phew, talk about herding cats!

So before you said “My Bar Citizen failed” or “I need to have more people next time”, please remember that you have just done one heck of an impossible job!

Oh – so you’re stubborn and want to grow your event? We got tips…

Well we aren’t ones to not enable you to grow, even after the speech we just gave you above! Here’s a few more tips to remember if you’re planning on growing your Bar Citizen event:

  • Are you going to need to charge a cover fee?
  • If so, plan out who’s going to handle any money transactions (money + friends = no bueno)
  • You’ll need a bigger team (see our previous post on that).
  • Planning to use official Star Citizen logos / graphics / assests? Get in touch with CIG first!
  • Age limits – because some folks need to remember the laws around your area

So there you have it. A few more tips of things to think about if you want to grow your event. But please remember the quote above. Sometimes you can be happy with what you already accomplished and stay there!

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