Your first Bar Citizen

The following is mostly geared towards people organizing their very first Bar Citizen event in their local town, but some of these tips can still apply to the veterans among us! This was written in collaboration with multiple Bar Citizen coordinators.

Tip # 1 – You are an enabler

We should all keep in mind that the people interested in our groups are attending because this is a social event. Your job as a coordinator is to enable people to meet each other and enjoy each others company, while discussing our common joy that is Star Citizen and space games in general. A Bar Citizen is the combination of the following key items.

It is:

  • a  fun event with friends and future friends;
  • a great meal or some drinks with like minded people;
  • a time to leave the problems and work at home and enjoy ourselves and the company we are with.

It is not:

  • a “fundraising” endeavor;
  • for making some profit for yourself and other members;
  • for promoting your organization or demeaning another.

Tip # 2 – Location, Location, Location

Once you think you’re ready to organize your first event (and by ready, we mean you have a few people interested and have gathered them in a Facebook group, Discord server, headlock, etc.) you need to think of where to do this wonderful thing.

You’ll want to scout out various venues and pay attention to what the members of your group are saying. As the coordinator, it is your job to interact with your group and get a feel for what they would prefer. Do they want a restaurant environment? A Bar? Maybe somewhere quiet to nerd out freely? Can your group afford a meal? That’s for you to decide!

Another key point… infrastructure. If you plan on streaming, or watching a stream on the Bar’s TV(s), ensure they have the network for it, Such as WIFI and Interwebs.

Many Bar Citizens are organized in eSports Bars (such as Meltdown) as they offer food, drinks, TVs and gaming PCs to play and watch Star Citizen.

  • Second, make sure that once you have a few people getting together:
    • Scout out various venues and pay attention to what the members are saying.  Many won’t STATE how they feel about a place. As the organizer it is your job to WATCH the members and get a feel for if they like the place or not.  If you pick a place and it isn’t well received – then, schedule your next event for the same location – you will lose attendance. So, watch your crowd and listen to what they have to say.  
    • Keep in mind that the goal is to pick a place that will be appealing to the demographic of your group.  Some groups will have a lot of people who can afford more expensive places and some will have a lot of citizens who can only afford inexpensive drinks/meals.  So, it is safer to pick a place that is a little lower than middle price range – yet, still has a really nice appearance with some more expensive drink options.
  • Third, sound out a couple of members who are really excited about the game and the social aspects who will be interested in assisting you.  This is very important as LIFE WILL interfere with your ability to organize the group on occasions. With a couple of people to assist they will follow up with you and help get things done.

Tip # 3 – Team work

Real life as a tendency to toss us somebody called Murphy.

Murphy likes to cause a small to large air leak from your car tires. Murphy likes to have your cat vomit all over your favorite shoes. Murphy likes to shut down electricity in random locations because – reasons.

I do hope you got the idea I’m speaking about Murphy’s Law.

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

Edward A. Murphy Jr.

As such, the best weapon again Murphy, is a team of people that can quickly adapt and overcome his shenanigans. You’re going to be late because of Murphy? Ask a team member to go set up the venue. Have to excuse yourself at the last minute? Ask a team member to cover for you.

You’re not a one person army, so make sure you surround yourself with a small team ready to help out if anything were to happen!

Tip # 4 – Tools

Without the proper tools, organizing an event can be a bit difficult. As such, we suggest you use the following to help you!

  • Bar Citizen Coordinator Discord – We highly suggest you join and talk to other coordinators that can give you helpful tips!
  • Facebook – Yeah sure, it’s Facebook. But it does have a built-in event organization tool you can use at your advantage!
  • Twitter – Promote, promote, promote. Tag some key people and get the word out!
  • Star Citizen Spectrum – It’s there, use it!
  • And finally, – make sure you enter your event in our registry!

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